Monday, November 11, 2013

Well, I think I did it all wrong. I wrote my first series the way I wanted to. Now it doesn't fit perfectly into a single genre! Oh, well. I'm having fun with it so that's something but it really makes it hard to advertise ; >)

It is Christian, suspense, mystery, supernatural, fantasy, a little sci-fi, health and nutrition, conspiracy, a bit of romance. And I picture it a cozy mystery although only because it is clean and pretty 'stress free' reading. It doesn't have the typical interesting/comedic heroines I usually associate with cozies, just Billy and Sarah.

 Hmm...I'm working on book three now and will have to see if I add any more categories.

I'm not convinced this is a bad thing though. Life is filled with variety and sometimes romance blooms in the middle of suspense and nutrition tips can be gleaned in the midst of a conspiracy. Right?

Any thoughts on how to categorize something like this? I think I'll probably focus my next series a little bit more - maybe.