Thursday, November 14, 2013

How firm are your beliefs?

Scinegue, Book 1 of The Scinegue Series -

Billy Roth is an honorable man who always thought he was content just to be able to comfortably provide for his wife, Sarah. Tempted with riches and prestige beyond his imaginings he finds himself struggling to maintain his convictions, as it appears the strange disappearances of his coworkers are being orchestrated by Scinegue, the company that's offering him everything.

Scinegue claims it wants the best for every person but Sarah uncovers evidence that points to a covert agenda set to destroy all who don't meet its standards. Billy must discover the truth behind what Sarah has found if he wants to keep her safe, but when the answer he's seeking has a supernatural edge will he be able to accept it?

Does this make you wonder how firm your beliefs really are? It's easy to think we would never let ourselves give in to temptation—if we're not being tempted. But what about when you are being tempted? When that carrot is dangling within your grasp. Do you stand firm in your convictions or tweak your convictions just enough to allow you to do what you want?

Scinegue is a suspense novel but it's also about convictions. 

Billy Roth isn't a bad man, he's actually a very good one who's filled with a noble sense of right and wrong. Watching him struggle with the temptations he faces is a good reminder that being firm in your convictions isn't always as easy and straightforward as it seems.

You can read the first few chapters of Scinegue for free on Amazon.