Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Pledge Book 2 in The Scinegue Series

The Pledge
Billy and Sarah Roth are happy--really happy. The last six months at Scinegue have been peaceful and productive and their lives are back to normal. Billy enjoys learning about the company's secretive high-tech projects and Sarah is expecting their first child.

Happiness turns to tragedy as an accident kills a close friend and comes close to claiming Sarah's life. A possessed nurse tries to finish the job and the Protectors realize evil is in their midst once again, and no one is safe from It's influence.

The Roth's unborn child seems to be the target and Billy thinks the source might be someone he works with. It's possible he's right while still being wrong. Will he end up trusting the wrong people? All that really matters now is that someone finds a way to stop the Evil before It can accomplish It's mission.

The Pledge can be read as a standalone but reading Scinegue (sin a gue) first provides an introduction to the characters and setting that will add to your reading experience.