Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Headed back to the editor for line edit.

I've gone through the suggested changes for Saving Will. Again, and again, and again. Today it will be heading back to the editor for line edits. Things like grammar and punctuation. It's getting close to publication! Very exciting!

How far will a mother go when her daughter's life is in danger? As far as it takes. 

Rachel Brooks has always considered herself a good person. She's nice and does what she can to help others. She also considers herself a good Christian until she begins to question her very faith when her daughter is in danger. Searching for answers brings her up against other powers in the world besides God. When her path intertwines with with a couple who claim to have powers of their own, she's tempted to use those powers to keep her daughter safe. Will she give in or will she trust that God will make a way even when she can't see it?

Please note: Saving Will can be read on its own, but it has characters from The Scinegue Series in it as well. Reading the Scinegue Series either before or after Saving Will, will make the story just that much more complete.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

And ...it's with the editor!

Saving Will is undergoing developmental editing at the moment. I should get it back tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to adding this feedback to the feedback from the beta-readers. I would like to get Saving Will finished up and back to the editor for a line edit this month!