Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Cover's Worth a Thousand Words ...

I was reading an ebook the other day and it was okay. Not bad, but it started to drag and I found my attention fading so I clicked out of it and went to my library to see what else I had. I saw a book with an amazing cover and thought "Ah, ha! This will be a good one!" It was the same book I had just been reading!  :o  I always thought I pretty much judged books by the sample, but the sample of this was pretty consistent with the rest of the book. It was the cover that drew me in.  I would have bought the silly book a hundred times over based on the cover...

A New Name for the First Book in The Scinegue Series

For a book filled with oh, so many secrets, I decided The Secret would be a very fitting name! I received a lot of support and encouragement on this name change and I really appreciate it all!

Here is the updated cover. Grab a copy now, it's still free!

Monday, September 22, 2014