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S.R. Booth is the author of Christian supernatural suspense novels including The Secret, The Pledge, The Forest, Bradley and Nicole, and Saving Will.

She has also published a short, sweet romance: Claws, Christmas Kitty Matchmaker.

She's been writing since she started her first diary in junior high. Although the diary writing ended long ago, she now pours her words into novels. She loves reading and writing, especially fantasy or supernatural.

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What is Scinegue?

If you've been wondering what 'Scinegue' is, don't worry, you're not alone!

It's not a foreign language or some high-tech word no one has ever heard of, it's simply the name of the corporation in the novel around which the story revolves.

Now, how and why that name was chosen is a pretty interesting story and is revealed in Chapter 18 of The Secret. I'll let Uncle Bill explain it to you there.

I think after learning the background of the name, you'll agree that Scinegue is a very fitting name for this series!