Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just keep writing

My typical writing goal is 3000 words a day. It seems to be pretty attainable and usually I reach it, but sometimes I don't. There are times when the words flow onto the page and 3000 is easy. But other times the words don't come easy.

I didn't invent the phrase, but I use it. Just keep writing is the best thing I've found I can do, especially if I'm having trouble with a particular part of the story. If I keep tinkering with what I have, trying to make it work I lose valuable time and sometimes it's just not ready to work.

Writing to the best of my ability, but not stressing about the rough edges, allows me to go further into the story. Then when I come back to the trouble spot, I often see a way of making it better. Or maybe I decide the reason it was so much trouble was because it just doesn't belong and I make the decision to delete it.

I'm thankful for the words which give me the freedom to not expect perfection on a first draft and allow me to just keep writing.

Do you have any motivational words that help you write?