Monday, November 11, 2013


Scinegue Description:

Billy Roth thought he was content just to be able to comfortably provide for his wife, Sarah, until he’s tempted with riches and prestige beyond his imaginings. Now he struggles to maintain his convictions as it appears the disappearances of his coworkers are being orchestrated by Scinegue, the company that’s offering him everything.

Scinegue claims it wants the best for every person but Sarah uncovers evidence that points to a covert agenda to destroy all who don’t meet its standards. Billy must discover the truth if he wants to keep Sarah safe but when the answer he's seeking has a supernatural edge will he be able to accept what he finds?

Short Version:

There’s something strange about Scinegue, the secretive company that’s offering Billy Roth the chance of a lifetime. A prestigious job, a house, a car…but he can’t take it, can he? He can ignore some of the suspicious activity that surrounds the company, but he won’t divorce his wife, Sarah, as part of the job stipulations, not even for show. That stipulation is lifted—maybe it was a mistake?—and he feels as if he’s just won the lottery. Now the only question is; will accepting the position cost him his life—or his soul?