Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Book that Started it All

The Secret weaves an intriguing story of conspiracy and supernatural. Parts of it are fantastical, but other parts, perhaps making it even eerier, are based on cold hard fact. Throughout the ages people have carefully complied their versions of the perfect person. Most often insuring that person looks and acts unmistakably just like themselves. And where does that leave those who don't fit this pattern? Sometimes on the wrong end of a death warrant.

In The Secret, a new plan is set in motion to eliminate every person in the world deemed unworthy of life. Sometimes just because they're too short as petite Sarah Roth finds out much to her dismay. He doesn't know how, but her husband Billy is determined to keep his wife safe from this outlandish plot. A new job with a generous salary is a nice incentive to ensures Sarah's safety, but otherwise mind his own business. Little does he know that's not going to be an option. He was bred as one of the 'perfect people', and now it's his turn to take his place in that world; he's just not sure if that place is good or evil.