Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sci-fi Cinderella

Tamara Worth has always wanted more out of life and has worked hard to get it. Just as she's on the verge of achieving her dreams, all her carefully laid plans go up in smoke leaving her floundering.

A strange job offer seems like a God-send, but her even stranger attraction to the recruiting officer might be problematic. She needs a mature man with his life planned out and a career well under way. Not a boy just starting out in business. Just ask her, it says so right on her carefully planned life-goal spreadsheet.

But there's more to the 'job' and the 'boy' then meets the eye.

Will Tamara stick to the life-plan she's always envisioned or will she risk everything for a fairytale happily ever after? It might not be easy, but my guess is she's going for the fairytale!

***Coming Soon!

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