Thursday, February 27, 2014

Find out about new releases

There are a couple of ways to keep up with new releases in The Scinegue Series. The 'About the Author' page on Amazon has a simple area to click on the right side of the page under Stay up to Date.

You can also email me at and ask me to send you an email when a new book is released. No spam involved, don't worry. Just a short email letting you know when the next book is available for purchase. I like to release my new books at a discounted price as a thank you to everyone who is reading the series but I only keep the price discounted for a couple of days so using Amazon's service or asking me to email an update is probably the simplest way to catch the book while it is on sale.

Update: The third book in The Scinegue Series is with the editor now. That means a new release should be out within a month! (Edited April 20: See lol!)