Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two More Chapters!

My editor sent me two more completed chapters and said we have 60 pages to go! WooHoo! The Forest will see the light of day. (Eventually ; >) )

The Forest's potential blurb:

Bradley should have never let work interfere with his honeymoon. Now he and Nicole are trapped, and all of Scinegue is hard at work trying to rescue them. Evil forces—tired of defeat—turn up the heat on their eugenics plans and call in el Gato de Diablo to make sure everything goes smoothly. But it doesn't, and el Gato's blood-lust is given free rein. Will a Protector sacrifice a life to keep el Gato from Its ultimate desire or will Evil finally win?

Christian Fantasy/Suspense.

Eh, I'll keep working on it. Hopefully by the time The Forest is ready for release I'll have come up with something much better that fully tells just how awesome this story is. It's filled with the suspense  and health information you've come to expect from the first two books in the series and reveals el Gato's background story. This book varies from the first two with the tragic death of a main character and the struggle for those who remain as they deal with the death.

Coming soon!