Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Can clean (or cozy) books be successful?

I'm counting on it! ; >)

I love to read and will read almost anything (almost) but over the years I've realized I don't like reading a book that leaves my stomach in knots from stress or fear. Life can be stressful enough without adding fictitious drama to it.

With the Scinegue series I've tried to write books about things that could really happen (probably wouldn't happen, but could) but without capitalizing on the violence and/or sex or just plain horror that sometimes really does happen in real life.

Okay, so I just lost a bunch of readers right there who are looking for just those things that I'm trying to minimize in my books. And that's okay. We all have different tastes. What I'm hoping is that there are others out there with tastes similar to mine. People who want to read stories that aren't squeaky clean with unicorns and rainbows (huh? guess that's how I picture something REALLY happy ; >) but clean enough that they aren't stress inducing.

***I've found myself getting a little emotional with the ending I've written for The Forest, the 3rd book in The Scinegue Series. But...I don't think I'm stressed and I really don't think the writing will cause stress for anyone else, even though it is kind of involved. At least it is for me...

I can't wait to release The Forest so I can get some feedback on how others are affected by it. Will anyone be stressed by it? Touched? Bored?! (Yikes! I hope not.)

I'm writing stories that I like to read and that's what makes writing fun. I'm so happy to share them with others who enjoy them too!

Do you choose to read or write clean fiction? What are your reasons?